Friday, 19 August 2016

Anthony Smith of Berkeley - Three Important Career Skills for Academic Counselors

Anthony Smith worked as an academic counselor at Berkeley High School for eleven years. He has 19 years’ experience educating, counseling, and collaborating and has worked as a teacher at various schools. Being a school counselor is a challenging job, but it is something Anthony Smith of Berkeley enjoys doing. Every school counselor should work towards developing skills that will help them be successful in the job they do. Here are three important career skills every academic counselor should develop.

Interest in Others
While it might not be a skill, it is an essential component of being an academic counselor. Every counselor should wake up each morning with the energy and desire to help people get through their problems. Academic counselors face a variety of situations all of which requires them to have a genuine interest in helping others. Without this quality, they will find it difficult to execute their duties as an academic counselor.

Every counselor knows the importance of looking within themselves to carefully observe others. In counseling, it is important to make the student think well, feel well, and act well, and through this, the therapist or counselor can empathize and relate well with the student. Helping the student to think well will help them demonstrate better academic skills.

Accessibility and Authenticity
An academic counselor should be accessible to the students in order to gain their trust and confidence. The counselor has to show himself as being genuine and empathetic in his professional persona. Developing an empathetic connection with each student will help build a trust with the student and find a solution to their issues.

Anthony Smith Berkeley managed a case load of over 400 students at Berkeley High School.


Monday, 8 August 2016

Anthony Smith of Berkeley - Why You Should Consider a Career as a Teacher

Anthony Smith of Berkeley knows that teaching is a challenging job with various frustrations; however, it is one of the few jobs that has so many benefits. With over 19 years’ experience in educating, counseling, and collaborating, Anthony Smith of Berkeley knows that the teaching profession is one of the most coveted positions today. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider a career as a teacher.

Making a Difference

Teachers have the incredible job of making a difference in the lives of students every day. They can help a student develop an interest in a subject and develop themselves as they learn about new things every day. Teachers make a great impact in the lives of their students by developing their character, fostering creativity, and helping them develop vital skills that they will use in the world as they grow into adulthood.

A Vocation and Not a Job

Teaching is not just a job where you work for a paycheck in order to live, it is a vocation. Teachers interact with students all day long, mentoring them day by day so that they can make a difference in the world in the future. A teacher helps his students to maximize their imagination, talents, character and skills and prepare them to face the world as adults.

Lifelong Learner

As a teacher, you with have the ability to become better at what you teach. You learn a topic better when you start to teach it, and as you keep teaching a subject to your students, you will have the opportunity to learn new things. The questions students ask will help you dig deeper and learn more about the subject in order to answer them better.

Anthony Smith of Berkeley was a teacher before working as the academic counselor at Berkeley High School.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Anthony Smith of Berkeley - How Academic Counselors Can Help Students

Anthony Smith worked as a student counselor at Berkeley High School and Castlemont High School for several years. As an academic counselor, he handled a large number of student and worked tirelessly to help them succeed. An academic counselor has several responsibilities and has to have excellent management skills and a lot of patience. Anthony Smith graduated with his Master’s degree in School Counseling from the University of La Verne before taking up a job as the academic counselor at Berkeley High School. Here are three ways counselors can help both students and parents.

Academic Support

One of the primary ways academic counselors can help students is by providing them academic support. Several students who struggle with their studies often go unnoticed. Sometimes students are too embarrassed to ask for help, or they avoid asking for help because of a bad experience with the academic counselor at school. Counselors can sit with the teacher to discuss the student’s problem or sit with the student and help them deal with their difficulties.

Parental Counseling

Counselors can work together with the parents and offer helpful advice on how to help their children with their studies. If the student has issues at home, the counselor might want to recommend family therapy. Some schools offer special training for parents on how to deal with difficult issues with their children.

Individual Counseling

The academic counselor can help students deal with various problems they face in school such as bullying. Students can seek crisis counseling from their academic counselors to help them deal with personal issues they might be facing.

Anthony Smith Berkeley provided personal, academic, social, and vocational guidance to students at Berkeley High School.

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